Detecting untapped bio-resources and activation for use in a circular economy is the objective of the EPIC-RegioPower logistic tool. Behind this is a new type of virtual resources marketplace, which represents not only offers but also demands to concrete bio-resources and the relation to the corresponding logistics costs.

The EPIC logistic tool based on the business motivation of resource producers, bringing products, waste and residues on a profitably way to a regional market and the interest of consumers, to get her needs on bio-resources to the lowest possible costs in the regional environment and with low logistic costs. Based on the locations of needs and offers, the Logistic tool calculates the statistic transport costs of the related volumes of biomass with the relevant transport mode. For a quick locating and comparable representation, in a resource database the most varied raw materials, residues and waste products are deposited with their specific characteristics, standards, assignments and groupings. The EPIC logistics tool allows bundling and accumulation of small amounts and activates on this way a significant volume of previously distributed and unused resources potentials.

The operation of the tool is very simple. After registering as a new user and verifying of the email address, the user can either create their own offers for sell resources or deposit resource requirements over a year period at a desired price. To get an overview of the interesting offers and requests, the user receive once a map view – a map displays the locations and the region, as well as a statistic view – different graphs and lists for evaluation of supply and demand are available. In all areas, appropriated filter functions allows the search limitations on regions of interest (radii at locations), interest groups or resource periods.

screenshot-demo epic2020 eu 2015-12-16 11-40-44

map offers and demands at the point of interest

In the frame of the EPIC project, different use cases were defined in the separate partner countries which were designed by stakeholders with the help of the logistic tool to proof the principally functionality and acceptance in the different regions. The “Woodchips” use case from the Wismar region (northern Germany) displays the needs of woodchips from producers and owners of modern biomass heating systems in small and medium enterprises for her installed systems in the northern region of Germany. The statistics overview cumulates the needs of the resource Wood Chips over a specific region, and so animates chips producers to deliberately align their products to these regional needs and to offer resources on the market square.

screenshot-demo epic2020 eu 2015-12-16 11-29-36

statistics for offered and demanded products

In the Mantova region, the use case “Bio Waste” is tested. In a variety of regional farms of livestock producers incurred considerable animal waste products. The acquisition of these waste products as well as their accumulation over the region give a good overview of the entire waste potential, thus providing a tailor-made basis for planning for potential bioenergy investors in the region.

The EPIC logistics tool is based on the Regio-Power feed stock market, resulting in an already previous EU research project. As part of the EPIC project logistics functions as well as the extension to an arbitrary resource base were made. The EPIC logistics tool can be extended for interested regions after project end to mobile communication and sensor system functions for the automatic detection of resources and streams for easy mobile communication with small producers.