During the last three months; Epic partners in Mantova have held several open events to collect input from local stakeholders to outline a joint vision, between the city and the industrial harbour, for a sustainable development of the port of Mantova.

By a multidisciplinary approach, which Epic is based on, the local partnership led by Energy Agency Agire together with the Province of Mantova; a draft vision was outlined with help from local technician officers of the local public bodies during a workshop the 21st of Dec 2015. The resulting draft was presented as a developing vision for 2050 to citizens and to enterprises in a following workshop. The vision was focused in different themes such as; waste management, environment, renewables and transport, and the idea was to enrich the first draft by the suggestions from the attendants. In a back end work Agire and the Province of Mantova combined the summary of these suggestions with the governance tools previously assessed to insert the Industrial Symbiosis implementation. The results were a local Vision to 2050 crossing a follow-up process over the local interests and a top-down process over the plans for territory. As a next step a roadmap to implement this Vision to 2050 was drafted during a session with local policy makers at a Local Policy Hearing event held on 4th of February n Mantova.

A great interest was shown by local media and newspapers. Local TV also had a dedicated issue of the talk show “L’ultimo miglio” which was held during the same evening as the workshop and had the Epic purpose as a clear focus. Guests were Agire representatives, the vice president of the Province of Mantova Mrs Zaltieri, the Municipality of Mantova representative Prof Alberto Grandi and both the main labour organisations involved in the refinery site included in the harbour.

A final event to present the local purpose of Industrial Symbiosis for the Mantuan integration between the city and the port will be held the 29th of February, when a delegation from the Transport Ministry is visiting Mantova. The Epic Vision and Roadmap including the strategy of Epic for a local future strategy implementation, will be presented to the National Authorities at this meeting.