Malmö, Sweden

The harbor in Malmö is situated close to the city center, and is quite diverse in its field of operation. It is owned by Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP), which is the port authority that mange’s the operation of the port business.

The harbor area is the heart of the city’s energy production and waste management, and it has a well-developed infrastructure for electricity, heat and gas, as well as for waste water treatment. The port area also handles large flows of material and products, transported by sea or land, and in the area there are companies that sort, treat and store most waste fractions.

Malmö Harbour area is in a developing phase, which opens up the possibility to develop the port area in a sustainable way, while contributing to increased competitiveness and profitability. A new area of approximately 450 000 m2 is to be established which makes room for several new industries and other businesses.

To develop the harbor in a more sustainable direction towards a green and circular economy it is important to include both existing and new businesses. The starting point for Malmö has been to map the flows that exist in the port today, starting with some of the key actors, which have resulted in Clean tech studies. The combination of Clean tech studies and network meetings have already now led to new interesting project suggestions and cooperation’s.

Key activities in Malmö

Establish a stakeholder platform for an active network in the port area.
Investigate the bioenergy potential in the harbour and surrounding region.
Map established key companies untapped resource flows.
Explore new cooperation opportunities regarding unused resource flows.
Form a vision for industrial symbiosis in the port area and strategies for implementation of the symbiotic concept.