Mantova, Italy

Logistic intermodal hub of East Lombardy connecting Adriatic corridor and Mediterranean Sea with North Italy and Europe inlands.

The harbor in Mantova, on the left riverside of Mincio river in front to the city center, is quite diverse in its field of operation. It is state property managed by the Province of Mantova which is the Port Authority that manage the docks, the warehouses, the railway sidings in the port and regulate and promote the business. The harbor, starred by heavy metal carpentry, fossil chemistry and logistic operators, laps the shores of the Inferiore Lake and of Vallazza reserve of Mincio by several private industrial piers from the city center until the public southern Port docks. The port area, also handles flows of material and products, through the river or by the canal to Adriatic sea, linking shortly with sea ports such as Venezia or Trieste.

Mantova Harbour area is in a reconversion phase cause the remediation site and cause the leaving refinery now looking to became a bio-refinery involving al large part of industries over a 615 ha of whole harbour-port surface.

This really opens up the possibility to develop the port area in a sustainable way, while contributing to increased competitiveness and profitability of the new green and circular  economy for both existing and new businesses. The starting point for Mantova has been to map the flows that exist in the port today, involving some of the key actors, and outline several probable first bio-tech plants which are resulted in Clean tech studies: a bio-refinery, two biogas plant and an IFBB plant ad-on on the sewage water plant and the exploitation of urban waste. Named plants in the combination of Clean tech studies and network meetings both locals and transnationals have already now led to new interesting project suggestions and cooperation’s.

Key activities in Mantova

Establish a stakeholder platform for an active network in the port area.
Investigate the bioenergy potential in the harbour and surrounding region.
Map established key companies untapped resource flows.
Explore new cooperation opportunities regarding unused resource flows.
Form a vision for industrial symbiosis in the port area and strategies for implementation of the symbiotic concept.
Push the remediation of the polluted industrial area by an industrial conversion to a green chemistry bio-tech.
Start a circular economy between the City and industrial harbour.
Inspire policy makers with the Industrial Symbiosis capacity building.