Wismar, Germany

Forest products and multipurpose Port at the Baltic Sea connecting middle Europe with Skandinavia, the Baltic States and Russia.

As most southern Baltic port of Germany, Wismar  has an ideal location for the flow of goods in the Baltic Sea region, in Germany and throughout Europe. The north-south traffic between Scandinavia, the Baltics, Russia and Central Europe will find excellent connections for transport by road, rail and sea.

Whether by boat or by truck.

The optimal accessibility of the hinterland makes the site even more attractive for industrial settlements and for potential industrial symbiosis connections.

The main business type concerns wood treatment.  Its main imports are wood logs, wood chips, wood pellets, peat, scrap, metal, grain, wind energy components, building materials. Its main exports are potash and salt, fertilisers, wood pellets, wood chips, saw timber and fiberboards, metal and building materials (cement, concrete pipes).

Wismar industries are quite competitive among them and have thus created a very unique kind of Industrial Symbiosis: almost each company has its own separate energy plant burning waste wood to produce Power, Hot water and Steam.

Key activities in Wismar

Establish a stakeholder platform for an active network in the port area.
Investigate the bioenergy potential in the harbour and surrounding region.
Map established key companies untapped resource flows.
Explore new cooperation opportunities regarding unused resource flows.
Form a vision for industrial symbiosis in the port area and strategies for implementation of the symbiotic concept.